You can email me on or reach out on Telegram. I prefer to communciate and publish on open, decentralised platforms like email and this website; but you can find me on Instagram if necessary. Sign up to my newsletter below to be informed about my work.

My videos are all hosted on YouTube on my channel and the OWRSI channel; some are on Naderad Studio.

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Create with me

I’m always excited to make cool things with people! Besides my composition, piano performance, and improv work, I am also very happy to work in interdisciplinary projects and work on English-language creative text. Email me and let’s get talking.

Work with me

As a freelancer I do many different things. My Press Kit has my CV and more information about my professional experience including creative project management, producing my own music theatre work, and workshop leadership.


Teaching is a core aspect of any artistic tradition, and the process enriches everybody involved. I believe that everyone ultimately teaches themselves: I am only a facilitator in the process. I am always happy to take students on of any skill level for writing, performing, and recording music. If you’re too good for me I’ll help you find someone appropriate amongst my many talented friends.