Press Kit


Sachit Ajmani is a composer and pianist with an interdisciplinary practice. His work balances rigor and spontaneity, embracing the continuum between the precise and the improvised. He was awarded a grant from the Fonds Podiumkunsten for a residency at Intro in Situ for the 2023-24 season. He was commissioned by the Van Abbemuseum to write Impressions, a series of sonic reflections for four artworks including works by Mondriaan and Ernst from their 2021-2025 exhibit, “Dwarsverbanden”, in alignment with their philosophy on multisensory museum presentations. In May 2023, he premiered his improvisatory soundscape, Street Scene, at a workshop held at Bureau Europa, Maastricht, in collaboration with Nader Adabnejad.

Natural themes and the climate emergency are recurring themes in his work. In June 2023 he premiered SIREN, a music theatre work with choreography by Cilia Hermann, during the Dag van de Componist at Intro in Situ. SIREN questions the role of the individual in an issue caused by systemic gridlock. He wrote wildfire for chamber quartet, reflecting on climate anxiety,to commemorate the 70th birthday of composer Arno Dieteren in 2021.

His collaboration with Nader Adabnejad, in the form of the project OWRSI, focusses on free improvisation and collaboration with artists across discipline. In June 2023 OWRSI presented t__hr__n, a musical statement against brutal oppression, that interweaved heavy synth layers and a recording that plays over the phone calls of cell inmates in Tehran jail. OWRSI also produced women, life, freedom (2023) in a quintet setting, incorporating interviews, recordings of poetry, and speeches concerning women’s rights under oppressive regimes with a complex improvised electroacoustic texture.

Sachit has been collaborating with artist Marjet Zwaans on the Correspondence for Choir series, using the medium of choir to highlight interrelations found in forests and extrapolating them to contemporary society. Correspondence 3.12: Open Choir Rehearsal was presented at Marres Maastricht in 2022 along with conductor Inêx Teixiera and singer Jeske de Haart as a workshop that anybody could join, leading to a collective improvisation. The series began with Correspondence 1.10 at Van Eyck Open Studios in 2020, written for the Crossed Paths of Maastricht choir also conducted by Teixiera.

Sachit also works as a producer. He worked on the mix and master for Younger by Zaki Hagins (December 2022) and produced two tracks on Intro EP by GRAPEVINE (January 2021). Originally from India, he is currently based in Maastricht, The Netherlands.