OWRSI: T__hr__n, premiere

Nader and I frequently use OWRSI as a sandbox in two senses. The obvious is the compositional sandbox, where we try to question and experiment with musical form in a reactive, in-the-moment manner that is not always possible within formal, academic composition practices. The second sense is the social one. T__hr__n is a spiritual successor to women, life, freedom both as an electroacoustic live-composition as well as a result of being unable to put aside things happening in the world and around us.

Programme note:

Phone calls from the detainees at Tehran jail have an aural watermark imposed upon them: a recorded female voice repeating each minute that the call is made from the jail. These interruptions are a forcible imposition of form upon the regular forms of speech and conversation. As a counterpoint, Nader and Sachit improvise using synthesisers that generate drones, presenting an organically developing and unified voice.

Premiered at AINSI Maastricht on 10 Jun 2023 with the support of Intro in Situ.

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