• Street Scene at Bureau Europa, Maastricht

    Street Scene at Bureau Europa, Maastricht

    After languishing for four years, a premiere for Street Scene was finally curated by Remco Beckers as part of the finnisage weekend for Frozen Music/Bevroren Muziek. An open workshop was planned to be conducted by me in collaboration with Nader Adabnejad, followed by a public performance. Event page (archive) from Bureau Europa. Photography by Moniek…

  • ‘Queer Desire is Wild; I am a Deer’ by Nilbar Güreş

    No 1 from the Impressions series commissioned by the Van Abbemuseum. View the original painting here. How can music and art represent the drama of sexual repression? Nilbar Güreş explores this important topic in a theatrical, symbolic, and playful way. Her painting features a few vivid and meaningful symbols: A deer having sex with a…

  • OWRSI present women, life, freedom

    OWRSI present women, life, freedom

    A collection of voice samples highlighting the issues raised during the 2022 Mahsa Amini protests about women’s liberation were interspersed in a podcast-inspired format with free improvisation. Some samples were interviews conducted by guitarist Tim Hanson (who had the original idea for this format); some were famous speeches; and the opening samples were Nader’s recording…

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