SIREN at Dag van de Componist 2023

A long five months in the making, SIREN officially premiered at Dag van de Componist at AINSI Maastricht on 17 June 2023. It was my biggest project during my Startende Makers residency with Intro in Situ. Programme note below.

“SIREN” is a music theatre piece written by Sachit Ajmani featuring choreography by Cilia Hermann. The titular siren issues a seductive call for humans to leave behind their concerns for their overheating planet and suffering living beings and instead succumb to material pleasure and the bliss of wilful ignorance. This is the call one hears multiple times daily in the course of ordinary living. Considering the entrenched nature of exploitative systems, SIREN asks whether ordinary citizens can afford to remain passive as a global climate catastrophe begins to unfold.

Presented at Dag van de Componist 2023 at AINSI Maastricht. Developed as artist-in-residence with  @IntroinSituMusic 

Drumkit: Colin Crandal

Voices: Marie Hesberg, Jeske de Haart, Nader Adabnejad

Recording:  @NaderadStudio 

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